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acura touch up paint
acura touch up paint
To get matching touch up paint for your 2009 Acura RL you need to know the color code.
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Our recommended state of the art facility has over 60,000 original OEM colors and over 300,000 custom color formulations.
An exact manufacturer's color match is guaranteed!

Chip Color Code Color Description
B532P Opulent Blue Pearl
NH717P Alberta White Pearl
NH727M Platinum Frost Metallic
NH731P Crystal Black Pearl
NH736M Grigio Metallic
NH750M Silver Jade Metallic
R522P Redondo Red Pearl
YR575M Tuscan Beige Metallic
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2009 Acura RL Touch Up Paint

How To Repair Dinged Acura Paint for Your 2009 Acura RL with Touchup Car Paint

If you adopt these valuable tips and paint repair instructions, you can make your Acura paint really glow!.

Fix Any Rusted Areas Before Beginning to Apply Acura Touch Up Paint

Clear away any evidence of rust from your Acura RL with a wire brush or one hundred eighty grit sandpaper. Use three hundred twenty sandpaper to remove any scratches caused by the sandpaper.

Primer will repair any scratches from sandpaper.

If you have any rust then employ a rust converter and administer it to the rusted spot of your Acura.

Prepare Your Acura RL Beforehand for Touch Up Paint

You want clean and clear working conditions before applying any touch up paint.

The temperature should be warm and at least fifty degrees.

Clean the dinged paint on your Acura RL with a clean cloth, soap and water to remove dirt and other material you do not want to be embedded in your car's paint.

Use a grease and wax remover on the area to eliminate any difficult to remove residue.

Placing painters or making tape around your blemished Acura paint will protect the surrounding auto paint from your work.

Use Clearcoat After Applying Acura Touch Up Paint

To safeguard your touched up Acura paint use clearcoat

Be certain the Acura touch up paint you used is dry.

Then apply several coats of clearcoat by using a gentle dabbing motion and waiting about fifteen minutes between each coat. Be very gentle with the paintbrush due to the reason that you do not want to disrupt the Acura touch up paint.

Clearcoat should be dry in one to two hours, and will completely dry over night.

Use Primer Before Using Paint on Your Acura RL

If you have any unpainted surface on your Acura RL, such as plastic or bare metal, apply primer before using Acura touch up paint

The first step for the primer is to use a few thin coats to the Acura paint you are preparing to restore. Only a subtle quantity of primer will need to be utilized to your Acura.

Allow the primer to fully dry. If needed, overnight, leading up to beginningapplying the Acura touch up car paint.

Once the primer is dry lightly sand the primed Acura paint area with one hundred eighty grit sandpaper followed by six hundred wet and dry sandpaper.

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2009 Acura RL Touch Up Paint

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