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This is where you will find specific Touch Up Paint Pages for Acura Cars
where you will find colors, color codes and paint information specific for your Acura model.

If you do not see your car listed, click on the big BLUE link in the box near the bottom of this page.

There is a guaranteed color match for every Acura year and model! Only a small portion have special pages listed here.

2017 Acura ILX
2017 Acura MDX
2017 Acura NSX
2017 Acura RDX
2017 Acura RLX
2017 Acura TLX
2016 Acura ILX
2016 Acura MDX
2016 Acura RDX
2016 Acura RLX
2016 Acura TLX
2015 Acura ILX
2015 Acura MDX
2015 Acura RDX
2015 Acura RLX
2015 Acura TSX
2014 Acura ILX
2014 Acura MDX
2014 Acura RDX
2014 Acura RLX
2014 Acura TL
2014 Acura TSX
2013 Acura ILX
2013 Acura MDX
2013 Acura RDX
2013 Acura RLX
2013 Acura TL
2013 Acura TSX
2013 Acura ZDX

2012 Acura MDX
2012 Acura RDX
2012 Acura RL
2012 Acura TL
2012 Acura TSX
2012 Acura ZDX
2011 Acura CSX
2011 Acura MDX
2011 Acura RDX
2011 Acura RL
2011 Acura TL
2011 Acura TSX
2011 Acura ZDX

2010 Acura CSX
2010 Acura MDX
2010 Acura RDX
2010 Acura RL
2010 Acura TL
2010 Acura TSX
2010 Acura ZDX
2009 Acura CSX
2009 Acura MDX
2009 Acura RDX
2009 Acura RL
2009 Acura TL
2009 Acura TSX

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